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Accounting Services

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With over thirty years’ experience in the field of small and medium business accounting - from basic book keeping to management reporting and audit preparation - Pivotal Solutions can assist with all your book keeping requirements.

Specialising in sorting out the 'mess' often accumulated after establishing a new business when the pressures of just starting up see the bookwork pushed aside.

Whether it’s a box of unsorted, unrecorded expenses, months or years of unreconciled bank statements, no customer or supplier database - PS can tackle the problem and provide you with an organised solution leaving you ready to face the next phase of your business with a clear vision.

Good record keeping, and timely reporting allow you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, giving you the opportunity to act and remedy any issues and build on your strengths.

Starting a new business is a challenging experience. Using the knowledge and assistance of an experienced Small Business Accounting and Book Keeping Service as support during your start-up can assist the process and alleviate some of the stress.

Once you are up and running you can opt to continue using an outside book keeper or learn the essentials and take on the task yourself.

Rates vary according the complexity of the job but remain competitive and are less than the cost of handing the task over to your accountant.

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